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Quake3 Arena
Quake 2
Duke Nukem 3D
Hall O Flame

Welcome to
The clan was started in the spring of 1996 in Port Clinton, Ohio. We started getting together at the Store once in a while to play DOOM, HERETIC, and DOOM II. Then came DUKE NUKEM 3D, QUAKE, C&C: RED ALERT,  Total Annihilation and more.
Some of us still do...

We used to run lots of quake servers, but will only be running one from now on. Quake 3 is the server of choice at the moment. So get your Daddy to buy you some RAM and a 3D card and join the fun at:

Here Are the results of the last Poll
Favorite Game Poll July 2000
Get with it Ya'll Quake III Wins The Fav Game Poll!


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Downloads Pages !

Quake 2 Files Downloads for Quake II
Quake 3 Files Downloads for Quake III Arena

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